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So a client asked me to help them make some changes to their email marketing plan.

They had been using MailChimp, but that was getting too costly; while a friend, who was using Wix, was able to send emails directly from their website; and this client wanted to do something similar.

I'm a little skeptical of Wix, tbh; I think they got an injection of VC money, and so are subsidizing some of their products, making some acquisitions and doing all that capitalist stuff that capitalists like to do to grow faster than conditions might otherwise recommend.

So in this post, we're gonna take a look at some email marketing options, and see what might be going on ...

# The Options

We'll take a look at Mailchimp, ConvertKit & ShoutOut - which is Wix's email marketing platform.

But first, let's take a peek at the WordPress options.

# WordPress Plugins

The quick answer is, "YES", you can send emails directly from your WordPress site!

And there are quite a few options out there. The issue is that, unless a service is attached, you may not be able to see who opens your emails; and so maintain a curated email marketing list!

# The Big Names in the Game

Some of the players in the game of email marketing are MailChimp and ConvertKit; as mentioned before, Wix seems to have acquire ShoutOuts - which is not available as an easily integrated option for Wix users, or as a stand-alone platform for everyone else ...

Lets dig into some of the differences --

# Overview

ConvertKit is the top-tier offering, with a price-point to match; though it does provide the largest feature set.

Mailchimp comes in as a mid-tier offering, with an excellent feature set for soloprenuer and small business marketing team.

Wix ShoutOuts provides a minimal feature-set that covers the basics - and price point to match.

# Pricing & Capacity

ConvertKit has an odd pricing mechanism, free for contact lists less than 1000, the next step up is $30 per month for less than 3,000 contacts ... and it grows from there ... eeks!

Next up is Mailchimp, which we'll directly compare with Wix ShoutOuts in a few tables.

Each platform as three-levels that are easily comparable ... and so we'll get three tables:

Level 1 Level Name Price # contacts # of emails per month
MailChimp Free $0 2,000 10,000
Wix ShoutOuts BASIC $4.90 10,000 9,500
Level 3 Level Name Price # contacts # of emails per month
MailChimp Basic $10 50,000 500,000
Wix ShoutOuts BUSINESS ESSENTIAL $12.90 25,000 50,000
Level 2 Level Name Price # contacts # of emails per month
MailChimp Standard $15 100,000 1.2 million
Wix ShoutOuts PRO UNLIMITED $44.90 200,000 1,000,000