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# 5Qi Interview Info

First off, thank you for your willingness to participate in this conversation.

I'm so excited to learn from you!!

And that is the objective of the 5Qi podcast, to provide insight and inspiration for our listeners overcoming the obstacles situated between them and their dreams.

Though let's get the logistics out of the way first.

# Scheduling

If you have a scheduling tool that you would like me to use to schedule time with you ~ please let me know.

You are doing me an honor and privilege by being my guest; the least I can do is make the process as easy for you as possible.

If you would like to utilize my scheduling mechanism, you may schedule a suitable time through Calendly, here.

# Hosting Platform

Jitsi is the preferred hosting platform, with Zoom, Skype and Facebook messenger to follow.

If you have a preference, please feel free to avail me.

At times, data may be dropped during our conversation either way.

Should ever this happen, I will interrupt you and ask you to repeat your thought, so as to be able to amend the conversation in post-production.

# Interview Agenda

It is possible that some of you have never spoken with me before ...

That said, the first few moments of our conversation will not be recorded, so that brief introductions and pleasantries may be accomodated.

After which, I will formally begin our conversation with the question Who are you?

Please repeat your chosen name, after which you are encouraged to answer this question however you like, remembering that we are more than our jobs, our achievements, our aspirations and our mistakes.

For a brief overview of who I am, I encourage you to explore the front-page of

# What is one problem you've solved?

This is the second question of our conversation.

I ask that you focus on a single problem, and the solutions that were compiled to resolve it.

What were the strategies you employed to resolve this problem? Which ones worked? Which ones didn't? And what did you learn, or are continuing to learn, from this experience?

# How do you relax ?

This is the fourth question of our conversation.

The idea is to convey that while we may often feel pressured to constantly work, the work of relaxing, and taking reprieve, is just as important, if not more so.

While the remaining questions are an effort to discuss the dynamic identities of which we are all composed.

The aspiration being to inspire our listeners to embrace their whole selves.

The question regarding what you hope to learn over the next year, is meant to show that our process of growth is never finished. And demonstrate that all of our efforts and aspirations can both juxtapose and compliment any formal training one might accrue.

# Free-form conversation

I will end our formal conversation by asking you if there is anything you would like to promote.

Then I will express my gratitude, and informal conversation may be pursued at your availability and interest.

And while this portion of the conversation will also be recorded, it will only be made available to you, my guest, and Patreon/Gumroad supporters.

# In conclusion

Again, thank you for obliging my request for your conversation.

For the sake of awareness, Canin is pronounced kann-in.

And I will likely ask you to repeat the pronunciation of your name as well, for my own edification.

All of our conversations will be recorded, edited and proofed before any of them are published; and they will be published at the same time, as a single season.

The episodes will be uploaded to, and so distributed to all other outlets.

If you have any questions please do not feel free to inquire.

If you need to reschedule our conversation, again, please feel enabled to do so.

You may email me at, send a text message to 612-405-4535, or a direct message through Twitter or Instagram.

Light, laughter and safety to you.

Canin Carlos

a.k.a Culture Clap