GFM: Help Buy Land!

# Outline

An outline of assets and actions

# Blog

First thing I need to do is add a place for sponsor's banners to be shown!

Next thing is to build a component which rotates promo banners/text.

Static banners, top and bottom.

Plugins to Add

# 5Qi Podcast

Objective: to provide insight and inspiration for those overcoming the obstacles between themselves and their dreams.

Plan: Six episodes equal one season; the aim is to produce one season each month.

Guest Invitation

Guest Prep

# Outreach

# YouTube Channel

See notes for updates on this work

# Social Media

# Twitter (opens new window)

Mostly automated; refresh set posts every week

# Instagram (opens new window)

Morning Freestyles and other random posts

Need to check out

# LinkedIn (opens new window)

Changed leadline to include the term Social Disruptor (opens new window)

Screencaps from Twitter

# Community Platforms

Reddit | Indie Hackers | Product Hunt | Zebras Unite

# Monetization

No lie, it's coming along nicely, though I'm still trying to discern exacly which out put will be going where.

It is certain that the F500 & Patrons (opens new window) will have first access to new music and Substackers (opens new window) will getting weekly updates.

Though specifically exacly what content will be released for subscribers still confounds me at times.

Though getting unabridged copies of interviews is an absolute certainty for subscribing community members!

# Patreon (opens new window)

Patreon has brand recognition, and a fairly large community.

Tiers are for Karma Farmers & Dharma Charmers (am I appropriating these words? It's a concern, tbh.)

# Stripe In-House store

For paid copies of ebooks, music and essay archives.

Also for Rebel Coding subscriptions.

# Tipjar

Venmo (opens new window)

PayPal (opens new window)

Patreon + Ampled + Github + The First 500