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# YouTube Ep 2 Script

In the previous two videos we got our story up to the current moment, and how we're going to discuss all of the things necessary to make your product successful.

# Community, community community

It's basic marketing -- get five people to like your work / product, and get some of them to tell their friends about it --- wash rinse repeat.

But getting those first five folks ... that's mostly what we covered in Episode 2.

And most sustainable products these days are not going to be built on fancy advertising / propaganda -- they are word of mouth; built on trust.

Focus on building empathy and compassion at the core of your community and you'll be miles ahead of others.

# Tell your story

How do you built empathy and compassion at the core of your community?

You start by having compassion and empathy for your self, and your own story.

Then you tell this story to others, and those who can relate or empathize; some of them will want to join your community, and others will at least observe and respect your effort. Potential seeds to be sprouted later if you will.

# Sustainable Product Presentation

ok, so you've got your story ... and you've started building a community.

How do we get our story out there to people we don't even know!!

Start with a website -- yes y'all, get your own domain!!! I can't stress this enough!!!

Say what you will about the dude, but there is a point to be made here:

Paul Graham Tweet

Next, figure out what social media outlets you enjoy using!!

Read those last few words again -- start with the social media outlets you enjoy, or at least feel comfortable using.

Yes, I started on Twitter - gained a few hundred Tweeps, and the became overwhelmed with anxiety having the app on my phone.

Now I mainly use Instagram and LinkedIn ... yea, the last one doesn't make much sense to me either, but here we are 😕

The point is SUSTAINABILITY!!!

Products are not built overnight, and successful products take YEARS -- you gotta make sure you can sustain for that long -- and the only way to do that is to be natural -- here's that whole, find and embrace your self step coming right back into play ...

Something you can fake for a few weeks, or months even ... but after a year or two or three --- it's gonna become evident and even if you have built something that makes money ... the people around you are gonna experience your inauthenticity first-hand ... and damn, I feel sorry for anyone involved in such situations ... eeks

# Podcasts and Videos

For me, sustainable promotions come in two forms beyond the written word, creating a podcast, and making videos.

# Podcasts

OBS y'all -- I love it!!!

Yes, I still need to figure out how to split the audio between left and right monitors for recording purposes ... though on the other hand, this also means that I CAN NOT talk over my guests ... which is just good policy in general

Next, I use either Jitsi, Skype or some other video-conference mechanism to host the conversation. Yes, in time I may convert to using a Mumble server, though that would require each of my guests to have a Mumble client.

The other option would be to host a Jitsi server of my own ... though too much work for now, probably not gonna do ...

Right now, OBS to record the conversation, audio & video ---

Then I use Audacity to edit the audio -- which consists of taking out the superfluous parts of the convesation and exporting the remainder down to either a wav or MP3 file ...

So the other question is, much mastering do I really want to do ??

And here I have a few options, I've yet to fully explore ...

Either I could run Reaper on a WINE installation (WINE is a Linux tool that allows us to run Windows applications on Linux) ...

Or I could dig into Bitwig ... which is natively accessible Linux ...

I'm not quite there yet, and have the blessing of being able to send the audio to a friend to perform the task of mastering the audio.

Next, I use to distribute all of my podcasts -- it's free, and if I ever want to input ads to the episodes I can do that as well!!

They send my podcasts off to all of the big platforms and make it all super Ronco!

# Videos

So I'm using OBS to record the videos ... what about editing them.

Enter Blender ~~ Y'all --- the initial interface is not SUPER intuitive, but after you get the hang of things ... and a few of the hot-keys -- I have to say, I'm a bit in love.

After learning how to use key-frames, cut group and move assets around on the timeline ...

Basically the next step for me is to make a template I can plop these videos on into, make my final jump cuts - then process the complete video.

Yes, make sure that your outputs are set correctly, and especially for YouTube -- there are some optimal settings.

And that's it -- I suppose if I wanted to, I could export the video -- pull out the audio, send it to my friend for a bit of audio magic, and then reload the video into Blender, drop the original audio and input the mastered audio ...

but I don't think I'm going to get to that level any-time soon.

I'm happy with the product I'm able to create

and more over, as I grow in my capacity with Blender I'll be able to get into 3D modeling to create video bumpers ...

those things that go at the beginning and ends of videos that make them look all super snazzy!!

For now, we've got what we've got and it's enough for me to feel comfortable with what I'm creating.

There's that confidence aspect again ...

had I not done the work to find and accept myself -- I might think that I needed to have a bumper before I could post a video ...

Then I'd either be driving myself zaney to learn yet another skill as soon as possible, or be bending over backwards to pay someone money I don't have to make one for me ...

But ... hey -- I am where I am, doing what I need to -- just to get this ol' project up and running.

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Thanks for droppin' by!