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# YouTube Ep 1 Script

Welcome to Episode 1 of Culture Clap ---

There is a story, and a concept, I promise you!!

But it's totally unclear right now!!!

# Who Am I?

You can check out my website, CultureClap for an expose that hits the highlights of my life until now.

Short version: I was born an orphan in Colombia, though I've since found my mother and am in reunion with the rest of my family as well. It's a mostly happy ending in that regard.

Though I was raised in the basketcase that is affluence, and I've become a defiant minimalist because of this. I've been living out of a few backpacks since getting kicked out of a coding-bootcamp and subsequently leaving the US a few years ago.

Nonetheless, I'm continuously overflowing with ideas, and even though I've been living on less that $800 for the past two years - according to the taxes I haven't yet filed. EEKS. I'm doing alright and still workin' on gettin' my supposed solutions into the hands of folks that they can help!!

# Enter Open-Source

When you're constantly having to decide whether you're going to eat and still have enough money to pay rent, while avoiding the whole issue of health insurance altogether ... ya gotta go cheap!

Last year I bought a new-to-me computer for about $450.000 COP, which equaled about $150 USD back then, and that's alot less now, because of FX rates.

(Where'd you get the money? I had some left in savings, a bit from taxes returns from the year before ... and other less glamorous maneuvers we can perhaps discuss in a later video. I was able to afford $150 as I saw it as a necessary investment in the future I wanted to create.)

It came with Windoze on it, but w're focusing on open-source here because it's cheaper up-front!

So my current operating system is Manjaro >> built off the Arch Linux architecture, but with a few bells and whistles included so I don't have to mess with fdisk and partitioning drives. It's the i3 flavor for those interested.

I'm a minimalist, though not so tech informed that I can struggle through ALL of the bleeding edge software ... I'm still having a few issues, personally, with my set-up; though we'll cover that in a later video.

Why open-source: as I said, it's cheaper!!! While all of the software I need to do the work I want to do is available as an open-source package, and using Manjaro allows me to make sure I'm almost always working with up-to-date and functioning software. Yes, sometimes it can cause a bit of a headache when something doesn't work, or my PostgreSQL version upgrades, but I forgot to package and prep my data for the upgrade!!

# What Tools are you using?

First off, I like making web / mobile apps; and for these my stack is Postgres / Django & Vue. We'll get into the deets of why in yet another video.

But the short-version, they are all fairly independent open-source projects.

Next, whats the fancy new-to-me laptop I got ??

Lenova Thinkpad x230 with an Intel i5 running with 8GB of RAM.

Mind you, I started on a Chomebook running with 4GB of RAM, and believe it or not, I edited and recorded a few podcasts on that ol' boy; and even edited a few videos. YIKES! It was a bit slow at times, but that puppy pushed on through and I eventually handed it off to a friend once my main laptop had been repaired.

Well, actually before that ... I used a Raspberry Pi to develope the mobile version of the main app I was working on at the time.

Naturally a few weeks after I left the US the fan in my main laptop went out, and I had to get a replacement part shipped to me from the US. While in the meantime I did have my Raspberry Pi Model B+ --- so I went out and bought a video cable and keyboard, hooked it up to my hotel room TV, and returned to the work!

That was an adventure!

I was super happy I remembered to bring that with me!!

I mean, when you're packing in preparation to not return ... and you gotta choose what goes and what stays ... you're right, I am lucky to have a few good friends who let me keep some stuff with them, and shipped it to me if I needed it later.

But anywho, onwards and upwards!!!

# What's this project you speak of?

I don't feel comfortable telling you yet ... there are a few legal / business things I need to handle before we'll get there ... but we're close, I hope!

Now, like any idea ... it starts in our heads, and then we need to start building it. And like most any good idea ... it's gonna require help to pull off ...

And so that's where we start! Off to the search engines!! to find the templates of stuff others have built before, learn from them and ... We'll model what we can from the work others have done, tweak it to our needs and like magic ... a.k.a. sleepless nights of fixing coding errors that only reveal their solutions after hours of frustration which end in passing out to a glowing screen and then finding the obvious misuse of a comma, when a period after reviewing the code with fresh eyes in the morning!!!

Though eventually the server and the client are built into a function MVP - minimum viable product.

OMG, I've done it!! I really did it!!!

I can totally get funding for this !!

I have a great idea.

I have an MVP!!

I have basically zero market validation!!

And I'm not white ... well fuck.

Back to square one ...

Oh god, here comes that never-ending spiral of depression ...


# Friends and Family

Yea, you're right, I should reach out to friends and family ...

I was adopted by white evangelicals ... so that whole family thing is a no-go ... long story, with an arrest record.

Ahh, what about friends!!!

Have you ever been the token friend in a white community ??

It's like having a racist family with lots of smiles when you sing and dance for them, or stay on their leash ... with pats on the back for any idea you might mentions, and "go get 'ems" for days ... but after that ...

They'll only tangibly support you if they see cool people supporting you -- and then they want to rush in to say they were friends with you first ... not my cup o' tea.

Well, honestly, I haven't really reached that point yet ... am basically just imagining what it might be like ... ahhh ... to be superficially appreciated by people who never took the time to know you beyond the racist tropes of a colonized world ...

As you can imagine, I kicked all of my fake-friends out of my life; while the remaining ones are just as poor as I am ... but damnit we know how to laugh and smile.

And so, we're off to find random people on the internet who are willing to help !!!

In Ep 2 we'll cover the friends we've met and how we've managed to even keep some of them around ... truly an amazing feat considering the inner-jackass I truly am ...

thanks for stickin' around and make sure to subscribe if you wanna get notified of when my next deuce is about to drop!