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Uplifting the neglected & amplifying the ignored

I was told to lean into the brand, and the result has been a complete revamping of the Culture Clap digital property.

The goal is to be as open and transparent as possible about my work.

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# Music Buy me a coffee

Bill Kruetzman once said it was in me; for what it's worth, when one of the original Grateful Dead / Merry Pranksters says that to you ... he never he saw me play note!

Music is divided into one of three categories, poetree, acoustic or electronic.

These divisions also translate into archive sections of the Culture Vault.

Outlets for streaming and purchase are three as well, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & DistroKid.

DistrKid takes care of distribution to all of the others major outlets (Spotify, Apple, etc.)

# Notes

Up-to-date To-Do lists

# One Bag

The idea is to be able to only own the things that I can carry; and for those items themselves to last a lifetime.

# Tech Stack

Hardware & Software ~ documenting everything I'm using.

# Wish List

My one-bag isn't yet complete, may never be; but this is what else I'm lookin' to acquire.