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No Stupid Questions

While not everyone may be experiencing the immediate benefits, money is being redistributed, albeit slowly; and with it access to knowledge. This is because those traditionally privileged to this knowledge, acquire it through perspectives, inaccessible to those without certain experiences. Now that it is becoming cool to disseminate such knowledge, and resources, leaks are growing in the ivory walls.

# Blindspots and Pitfalls

I'm not a business major, nor was I ever; I'm a web-developer and idea-haver. So while I've been able to create complex ideas for business ecosystems, presenting them to business minded people is not my forte. This is not to say that I do not have my opinions on the matter; I do. Though to say my opinions are accurate, or the best out there, in this area, they are assuredly not.

But the trick, the test, is to start.

Start somewhere, and start getting feedback!

I've built something AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and I'm SUPER PROUD of it ... but if I can't convey my idea to others in a comprehensible manner, what's the use ?!?

In talking with fellow Twitterarian, @zsilva303 - links to Twitter Profile, I learned that I do need to focus on the core competency, which is education. I was also able to affirm my core target markets; and core products.

I just need to make sure that I focus on the education products, before the project that the education supports in the background. One step at a time, as I continue telling myself.

# A Blog Post About This ?!?

Yes, absolutely!

We need to normalize taking people's questions seriously, no matter how rudimentary they may seem to us. While also recognizing that I don't know is a complete answer; just don't use try and us it to cop-out of doing the work of being compassionate.

Alright, maybe that's all we'll say on that for now ~

If anyone wants to support my work - I'm raising money to buy land and grow my own food, while coding and building these projects.

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