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My First Five Zaps on Zapier

# What are the BEST First Five Zaps to make on Zapier ?!?

This is actually a trick question because the Free Tier is capped at 100 tasks per month. So one is behooved to instead pick three zaps at most, which will track necessary data needed to acquire the Starter Plan with allows for 750 tasks per month.

So the following are my first three zaps:

  • Calendly Capture***
  • Patreon F500 Capture**
  • Stripe Capture

The events with an * indicate zaps that can be turned off in favor of others.

The more * the more important to retain.

# #1 Stripe Purchase Capture

All Stripe Purchases are being recorded onto a single Google Sheet.

# #2 Calendly Capture

This provides a quick glance for all Calendly Events by capturing the poll information requested, and placing it into a Google Sheet.

# #3 F500 Patreon Capture

This Zap maintains a running list of all new Patreons.

# Zaps #4 & #5

The trick with Zaps 4 & 5, is for these zaps to be strong enough to acquire the Professional Zapier Tier; after which one simply seeks to increase the number of tasks with can be run, or rather this is my immediate, personal growth path.

# #4 F500 Stripe Capture

Use a filter on Stripe Purchase grab new Monthly Supporters.

# #5 Stripe Customer Tracking

Tracking Stripe Customers First and Last Purchases.

# Calendly Pro Version

This actually supports the groundwork for automation by allowing me build custom follow-ups for meetings. Automatically polls are gathered for every event to assure clarity and precision.

Patreon + Stripe