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The Best Platform to Join

Which is the best platform for you to support Culture Clap?

  • Is it Patreon?
  • Or if you're a developer, maybe Github is the best? A- re you hear for the music, or are interested in alternative social structures, maybe Ampled is up your alley?
  • Or maybe you just don't want to create another account, but you would like to support the efforts

... I've got ya covered!

# First Off Substack

Not everyone is able to support monetarily -- stay up-to-date and exclusive looks at new material and projects via the Substack Mailing List.

# Secondly

The coolest part first, if you don't want to sign-up for any additional platforms, and just want to receive all updates by email; that uses Stripe directly through DreamFreely, and that method also charges the LEAST fees. Plus, the minimum to join through that portal is 50 cents USD!!!

# 😄 Join through Stripe here

# Patreon

Let's face it, Patreon has brand recognition and a growing community! As well, I as lucky enough to get an account before the fee changes were made. TBH, Patreon's sweet spot is for subscriptions of $1-$3; beyond this, if you'd like to avoid as many fees as possible, checkout the Stripe option below.

F500 members have access to all of these updates.

# Github

Github has entered the game with there capacity to sponsor developers and projects. Being that this outlet is more developer based, one of the perks of the Github support is graduated access to premium API keys. Additionally, when it comes to on-going corporate sponsorship, this is the location for on-going partnerships.

F500 members have access to all of these updates.

# Ampled

Ampled is a growing musicians cooperative; I've got a few musical limbs, and while this platform also uses Stripe, one will need to make an Ampled account to access the content. Additionally, there is a $3/month minimum already imposed by the platform.

F500 members have access to all of these updates.

# Stripe Direct

If you don't want to have to make any new accounts, you just want to support monthly; I've set up direct subscriptions through Stripe on All of the content will be emailed to you as soon as it is released.

F500 members have access to all of these updates.

# How it all connects ...

Patreon + Stripe