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The First 500

The first step is to find the first 500 supporters!

And here is how I am going about doing it ~

# Decisions Decisions ...

I wondered about making a GoFundMe; though I recently came upon some entreprenurial success in that I have full P/T slate of English students each week!

Due to this, I am able to focus more fully on my efforts to build the DreamFreely capacity and project progress.

Perhaps one day we won't live in capitalistic world. Though until that time, I'm trying to craft the best ways to make my efforts sustainable, while a certain fact remains. That community support is the best support. For this reason, I've created mechanisms on FOUR different platforms to continue growing my own personal base of support.

Patreon | Ampled | Github | Stripe

# What's the Deal?

In exchange for your support, The First 500 receive timely and transparent monthly updates, that include my financial position. No matter which portal you enter through, The First 500 receive access to all of the content from across all of the platforms.

The First 500 receive:

  • Exclusive First-Looks at Projects and Ideas
  • Free copies of all my written and musical creations
  • Premium access to all of my applications.
  • Exclusive Access to AMA's

# What's the Money Going Towards?

Due to the blessing of having a semi-stable part-time job that pays for my living expenses; your support directly helps me expand this work, while not needing to support my basic needs.

In this way, you can hopefully feel more assured that your support is helping to grow, and not just sustain a life. Not that either is a more worthy cause than the other, rather that my own personal demeanor would not allow me to ask if it were otherwise.

My monetary goals are associated with living expenses after, building a small toolset of premium access to platforms such as Calendly, Zapier, Canva, and Zencastr.

Checkout blog post: The 25 Milestones

# What's the Catch?

The catch is that you must continue to actively, support, share, and engage with my work by way of song submission, comment, critique, or other; at least once, every other month.

Those who lapse in this requirement, save retaining their monetary donation, run no-risk, though upon a lapse of six months they will be designated as XF500; making more room for F500 membership to remain active and robust.

# What's up with the English Students?

I've been teaching English in Medellin for the past year, after replying to a Facebook post in July of 2019; working with an agency called Profesores Extranjeros.

Currently I am teaching up to nine students per week, totaling approximately 20 hours per week. Four of the nine students have been with me since my first weeks teaching, and I'm nothing if not loyal. My goal is to continue teaching these students until they no longer need my tutelage; and eventually leverage their support for feedback, and amplification of on the idioke project.

I have attempted to take the advice of others, by doing things that are scale-able. And to these ends, I am compiling a small set of resources and pathway components for anyone and everyone to practice and learn another language. All of this which is transferable to future iterations of idioke 😃

# So How is the F500 Going to Work?

It will work off of email addresses and spreadsheets, beneath a series of other platforms upon which you may partake for interaction, and feedback.

Each member will receive an exclusive email containing the contents of what ever was posted to Patreon, Ampled, or Github. All of those who join through Stripe get the email as well, that is their primary correspondence after all.

In this manner, no member of The First 500 will have any need to create another account for any platform you don't already have or want.

# Why the Various Platforms?

My endeavors are varied, and in the interest of being scale-able, a series of entry-points was determined to allow the broadest set of intakes for inclusion. While each serves a specific purpose; though there are not so many platforms as to be unwieldy.

Patreon has name considerable brand recognition; and a growing community of users.

Github has recently entered this arena, though being that so much work is technical in nature, it seemed reasonable to open the avenue.

Ampled is a newcomer to the this market, focusing exclusively on musicians. They are a operating under a cooperative-ownership model; and my interest in alternative to capitalism compels to partake in this experiment.

Stripe ? Because not everyone wants to make another account! Though you may be entirely comfortable supporting my work, you just don't want to be on another platform. This is entirely reasonable, and so subscriptions handled by Stripe are also available.

The First 500 will be united across these platforms by direct emails. And this is because emails are the most direct method of connecting with each other these days. The reading and response can be accomplished asycronously, i.e. at your leisure. While remaining relatively untetherd to social media.

# The Projects

This is actually a much longer conversation than I'm able to place here; though I'll provide a brief overview.

# DreamFreely

This is the set of projects that are specifically profit-seeking. They include ExoCTO, Rebel Coding, idioke, Culture Clap and a few more. In time, the aim is to create a B-Corp, though currently it is just registered as an LLC in the State of Minnesota.

# ScreamFreely

This is for the set of projects are educative and focused on building community; i.e. the Activist Projects. The job being to guide and maintain the code and applications included in the Activist Project.

For a time, SF was an active 501c3 non-profit. Though after experiencing a few things, it was organized by the board to return to me the digital properties owned by the non-profit.

While we're still in the process of dissolution; as it stands, the options remain open.

Patreon + Stripe