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Introducing Season 1 of 5Qi

It's like my first guest, Patty Montoya said, "Sometimes you've just gotta go out and learn how to do it for yourself."

And 5Qi is certainly that.

I've recorded other conversations for publication before, and had some loose structures about the idea; but this is the first time a definite structure has been followed, with a vision for longetivity inherent to every episode. Regardless, tere are many opportunities for continuing to learn along the way.

I'm using, nearly, all open-source software to create this content; from OBS to record, Audacity to edit & Glimpse to create the associated images. My mentor and I are now working to complete the shaping and finalizing of the audio files through a process utilizing open-source software as well.

As in this project as well, I wish to create a rubric others can follow to sustainably create their content as well.

That said, thank you all for endeavoring to explore Season 1 of the 5Qi Podcast, and so without an further ado, vamanos!

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