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Rebel Coding Recruiter Interviews!

I want to interview recruiters in tech!

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# The Problem

The tech hiring process is broken!

And no one knows how to fix it!

Them's just the facts.

# The Solution

We will open up the tech hiring process by talking to you, recruiters and executives, about your individual/company processes, guiding signals and goals, and the nuance you pay attention to, when recruiting tech-centric co-workers.

# The Interview

To begin with, 35-minute interviews will be recorded (audio/video) with recruiters.

In addition to indvidual and organizational inquiries, a specific job opportunity will be identified, and we will cover a series of questions concerning this particular type of role.

Sample Questions:

  • What are the job requirements?
  • How is flexibility in these requirements determined?
  • How do you defined a Junior Developer?
  • How do you define a Senior Developer?
  • What is your application process?
  • An experienced dev wants to laterally transition to this area, and apply: how might they best distinguish themselves ?

The conversation is meant to be congenial, and an opportunity for y'all to showcase your excellence as an organization.

There will be no gotcha questions.

This is meant to be collaborative effort; we're not trying to make any company stellar or horrible; rather I'm trying to talk to real people about a difficult process that we all ought have an interest in improving!

So let's talk about it!

# The Cost

The cost for participation is $250.

Interviews will be scheduled for 35 minutes and both a video and podcast will be produced from the content.

Recordings will be edited for optimal reception and published to all major podcast outlets through, as well as YouTube.

Additionally each episode will be heavily promoted though multiple Twitter accounts, as well as LinkedIn.

# About Culture Clap

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After attempting to break into the tech industry, I found that the sector was not ready for my greatness; and so now I work to help prepare the community for all of the greatness that is to come.

I have near a lifetime of experience performing and entertaining audiences the world-over.

While I now host another podcast called 5Qi and I have two projects for on-boarding new developers via the Rebel Coding & ScreamFreely projects.