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The Activist Project

The Activist Project is a series of web and mobile applications built to provide up-to-date information on municipal, county and state legislative events.

Originally I just wanted to know when these events were taking place, and I was tired of always having to visit websites to find out; why couldn't I just make a scraper and put all of the info into a database?

But then I needed to build an interface ... which I did.

Eventually I discovered the OpenStates project. They already had a database architecture in place; from here I was able to expand the idea to multiple states.

CaActivist | GaActivist | IlActivist | MaActivist | MnActivist

Ook, but now -- how can I possibly expand and maintain all of these domains ??

# Rebel Coding

Originally, the idea was for me to learn how to code, and this seemed like a worthwhile project through which I could teach myself and create something of value for others.

Then I realized that I could make it into a viable vehicle for others to learn how to code, and so I have built a corresponding guide called Rebel Coding.

Now I seek to use this guide as a rubric for live-coding sessions and open-courses through Twitch.

# Monetization

You can bet your bottom dollar I want to monetize this work!

Because I want to do this full-time: help people learn to code while making civic engagement and resources more accessible to all!

So I've got a few ways, first off being my Patreon - which is where I hope to fund my basic costs of living. By funding my basics costs through the support of an exclusive community I will be able to reinvest ALL other resources back into expanding the work.

There are other methods of monetization such as coding classes through formal cohorts, building an app for exclusively for organizations, as well as the ever-classic merchandise sales.

Each of these will be followed in due course, though the first step is to fund my ability to work on these efforts full-time without distraction.

# Who is Culture Clap?

Culture Clap responds to Ricardo

I was born brown, and have recently reconnected with my mother, family and pueblo; I identify as indigneous and continue working to relearn the language and traditions of the Mhuysca from whom I descend.

The quick and short of it being that I was adopted from Colombia into the suburbs of Minneapolis by middle-class Evangelicals of agrarian descent.

I eventually married and divorced my high school sweetheart. Years later I got "kicked out" of the activist scene in Minnesota; a longer retelling of the tale can be read here.

Nonetheless, I still believe in the work I have been pursuing, and adamant to see it through, I've moved back to Colombia where I now teach English to pay my monthly bills - while building upon these ideas.