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5Qi S1 Ep7 w/ Julio Ricardo Varela

Guest: Julio Ricardo Varela (opens new window)
Organization: Latino Rebels (opens new window)
Instagram: LatinoRebels (opens new window)

Julio Ricardo Varela ... the first Latino to ever give me the time of day.

For real!

The man has seen the darkside of shade, and the sunny side of the light; while I think I may have the honor of having recorded one of the few near-complete orations of how Latino Rebels came to be!!

From the Bronx to the barrios to the balconies of barons and back again ... so much conversation we had to make this one a two-parter; and still, we only got through half of our five questions ~ jaja

Though to get us started ... the man, the myth, the maraca-make himself ~ VAMANOS!

# Part 1

# Part 2

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