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Exo-CTO, Why now?

It's been a ride to get here, but I'm so thankful to have created this space; where I can dedicate time to helping others while buidling my own capacity to do so!

I'm offering free 20 consultations to anyone looking to work more with technology, be that an aspiring developer or a non-technical founder wanting some technical guidance.

# How did I do it?

Let's be honest, free-99 is a great price to be offering such services.

Though it's the right price, as this work is a labor of love for me; I love working and building with technology. Be it building app-prototypes or helping someone discern the best path forward for their idea.

So how am I able to do this? While I was born in to access to the resource white-privilege has to offer, I have not been a carte blanc benefactor. Instead I've had to work and scrounge to build this time and space.

And I've done so by building a small clientele of English students, with the fortunate help of an agency out of Bogota Colombia.

I am able to teach students in the mornings, evenings and two afternoons per week; while dedicating the rest of my time to helping others, and working on my own projects!

# DreamFreely Library

One of the foundational projects is the DreamFreely Library; a collection of resources I'm writing to introduce folks to coding, digital entreprenuership and community building.

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