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Fauxgressive Vilification Part 2

This is a continuation of what may be a three part series reviewing my brief interations with the Twin Cities Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Of note, the primary allegation of against me, with respect to this story, is that I stalked the individual in question. An allegation that is both absurd and a lie.

I don't give two fucks about what some white male is doing thousands of miles away from me, UNLESS they are a threat to the well-being of my friends and family.

That said, a friend asked me for my opinion of a panel discussion they planned to attend; my response was that one of the panelist a white supremacist shitbag. A point which I still contend to be true, and will hold to until I receive an appropriate and public apology.

# One more note before we begin

DARVO* is an acronym used to describe a common strategy of abusers.

The abuser will: Deny the abuse ever took place, then Attack the victim for attempting to hold the abuser accountable; then they will lie and claim that they, the abuser, are the real victim in the situation, thus Reversing the Victim and Offender.

If you missed Part 1, here's a link.

I am very familar with my detractors in Minnesota.

While I may have spent a large portion of my twenties inebriated; I was not blind, deaf, nor dumb to my surroundings.

It may be argued by some that I was hyper-aware of these things, and my chosen substances were used to deaden these sensitivities.

Regardless, one specific detractor, Mr Ricardo Levins Morales (RLM), acted in a particularly malicious manner; especially considering his esteemed position by some, as a community elder.

# Joker Healer Huckster

RLM has been making artwork in the Minneapolis community for a number of years; often depicting dark-skinned people enclosed by uplifting phrases.

This has become his niche, if you will.

Apparently, he is a transplant originating from Florida, though having spent considerable time in Chicago; as well as Tennesse, Kentucky or something, I seem to remember.

I could be wrong, it has been quite a while since I sat down and heard his story; a detail he obliges to ignore in his retelling of our fabled interaction.

# Healing Circle Jerks

I originally came to entreat RLM's support after learning that he had convened a healing circle for a renown predator in the community.

It was in the fallout of this predator's behavior, that I had been asked to create a piece of media to highlight their predation.

A young woman was being preyed upon, and wished to defend herself; she was directed to me as someone who would empathize with her plight and could help.

She asked me to compile her account, as well as the accounts of others, to demonstrate that this predator was well-known for preying on teenage women. More over, that their lines were known as well, and considered creepy across the board.

I obliged the request, creating a Storify that would receive over 12,000 views within a few short days of publication.

RLM caught wind of this travesty and felt compelled to convene a healing circle, by which this predator could be saved.

Mind you the predator in questions is a light-skinned Latino whose father was deported a few years previous; and this, I suspect, is the root of RLM's affinity for the predator.

# Apology tours

The aforementioned predator had previous interactions with me, and so was summoned to apologize for their behavior.

I humored the endeavor, though when I asked for some action of restorative justice, I was told, by the predator in question, that it wouldn't do much good anyways.

The infraction for which I sought compensation was an email this predator had sent out to their contact list at the height of their involvement with OccupyMN, stating that I was mentally and emotionally unstable.

Essentially leveraging the racialization of savagery fair-skinned individuals have weaponized against dark-skinned individuals since the dawn of our contemporary "civilization".

The predator's apology was merely an excuse to expect the subserviance and acquiesence of others. Something of which I had little use for, as I was in the process of leaving the state of Minnesota for an extended period of time.

# Ricardo Sin Morales

Flash forward eight to ten months later.

Soon after being kicked out of Prime Academy, I thought that I would make one final attempt to stick around the state for the sake of a child, from whom I remain estranged.

My thinking being, if Ricardo was able to pull together a healing circle for someone like the aforementioned predator, perhaps I could get similar support?

My story, while lamentable, surely could be humanized by one such as himself. A brown man, adopted by religious zealots, unable to find stable grounding; though with a heart of gold, and a tool built to serve the community.

All I needed was a few sponsors to help people see the good in me.

Surely someone like RLM could see the good in me, if he was able to find hope for redemption in our aforementioned predator.

I've just now reviewed the emails from RLM and I's correspondance at that time.

You can read his libelous tract, in which he doesn't confront any of my allegations, while I will let the emails speak for themselves:

Ricardo & Culture Clap's initial email conversation An email expressing gratitude RLM responds to gratitude Culture Clap responds to Ricardo

In part three we will take a look at one of the main leaders of the TCDSA, or we might not ... let's be honest folks, these emails really put the ol' nail in the coffin on this conversation.

Ricardo's foul-mouthed libel merely continues to build upon the tropes the aforementioned predator relied upon as well.

While none of his allegations have any basis in truth, a concept of which I fear is rather foreign to him.

It pains to me have to say as much, though, in my own need to at least defend myself against his reckless delusions; this blog post has been created as a forewarning to others who might be tempted to view his senility as credible.

The fact remains, when a white Latino was held accountable for substantiated claims of sexual predation, RLM rushed in to help.

And when a brown Latino requested his support in building an organizational tool for community empowerment and education, RLM denied himself the opportunity.

C'est le vie.