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Can I make this work ...

This is my first post to (opens new window), publicly kicking off the RebelCoding journey! I've still gotta build my rep to post multiple links & pics, so thankfully this ol' site uses Markdown, and I can plop more complete versions here.

That's what many of us perhaps tell ourselves when starting a passion project.

And yours truly is no different.

But let's be honest, want and will are oceans apart; even if you have an idea that provides value.

Even then, you need to put in the work; which life experience has taught me is no fun ... that's why I only do things I enjoy ... which ... now I feel lost in a thought loop ... what was I doing again??

Oh yea ... trying to get free!

# It all starts with a book

Or at least that's the conclusion to which I arrived.

We'll talk about the journey it took to get here later.

Rebel Coding Just the Basics

Nonetheless, like I said, I need this to work; and that means getting money.

"Money empowers you to do things. I don't think you can buy happiness, but you can sure buy time to find happiness." ~ Felix (opens new window)

Yes, this is all connected to a larger product, but there are still some issues with that product; and so writing this book seems the best place to start.

A book is relatively easy to create, in theory.

I enjoy writing. It's fun, I have fun doing it.

And I have knowledge I can share; not a ton, and I did get the idea validated by a few folks earlier this year.

While, before getting kicked out of a coding bootcamp, I hosted Saturday sessions for about 1/3 of my cohort to help them stay caught up on the weekly work.

So that helps validate the idea that I can help others learn; they are all now gainfully employed in tech.

Nonetheless, writing an actual book, and submitting such written words to the masses, when there's already SO much out there ...

Beyond exporting a Google Doc to PDF, anyone have any ideas of how to make a super snazzy PDF, short of using LaTeX ??

# I need help

And that's where y'all can give me some insight and feedback, perhaps ?

First off, I got this handy-dandy lil' survey (opens new window) for those who are learning to code, want to learn to code, or have learned how to code and are willing to donate insights from their journey.

How'd you learn to code survey intro

Here's a list of the questions I'm asking:

  • What is the most difficult part about learning to code?
  • How are you currently learning and practicing coding? Or how would you like to learn/practice?
  • How frequently are you coding / practicing / studying?
  • What tools are you using to learn?
  • What do you like about the resources you use to learn coding?
  • What do you not like about the tools you are using to learn coding?
  • What is your ideal method of learning to code?
  • What would help you maximize your current learning tool-set?
  • What areas [of coding] interest you?
  • Is there anything else you'd like to share about learning to code ?

I'm sure that if I did more research I could find ready-made answers to many of these questions, but ... why not ask them myself, I said.

Next up,

# Product Hunt Launch

OMG, I'm actually gonna do it y'all ...

Lil' orphan Culture Clap (opens new window) ... venturing to the big burly platform of PH, where ferocious space-kittens prowl searching for the latest and greatest in all things digitally cat-nipped ...

I'm skurred ... but fear cannot win the day!

This has to work!

And so my dear reader, we forge ahead ... I've created a Ship page! (opens new window)

Rebel Coding's Product Hung Ship page

Perhaps you have an interest to follow along, and learn more ?

If the world were to turn my way, I'd love to launch the book in the beginning of May; and I've tentatively set May 2nd as a launch date.

Though truly there is much work to be done before then ~

And so, in subsequent posts, I will illuminate this journey.

Admittedly much of it still remains little more than shadows, even to me ...

Though maybe my adventure, and associated inquiries, can shine a light for others?

Ahh, yes, in time I will court the grown lions of Hacker News, and even attempt to dance a jig with the beasts of Reddit.

To share my survey, and other solicitations of support.

But first, for you fellow Indie Hackers.

Y'all seem like such wonderful folk.

Oooo, yay, and my product just got approved here! (opens new window)

So many of us in similar boats, floating between the islands of others, wishing one day to make our own.

And so, if it's alright with y'all, I'll continue to share the quibbles, quandaries and quasars, of this journey here first.

This being part one of an unknown number of posts ...

A thousand mile journey begins with a single step, they say; and perhaps the book of one's digital life, with a single, first, post.

That said, if you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read my wondering words.

And if you have any immediate questions, please feel free to inquire below.

So, until next time, I hope moments find you safe, enthused and energized to continue the work your life is calling you to pursue.


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