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Fauxgressive Vilification Part 1

This Friday I received an email stating that I had been called before the grievance committee of the Twin Cities Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, henceforth referred to as TCDSA.

The action took me partially by surprise, though systems of control are also predictable, and so having watched the Facebook Chat group be largely silent for the past three weeks, I knew something was up.

# An Invitation

One way or another, I had been asked to join an Afro-Socialist faction of the TCDSA. While I have not taken a DNA test, I do not claim to possess any Afro heritage, and so I was hesitant to participate. Though I obliged as the requestor seemed to be Black, and I felt there was no harm in checking out the group.

After a few attempts to connect, I was finally admitted to the Facebook Chat group, wherein which a Zoom meeting was soon convened for a Friday evening.

The meeting seemed to bring together anyone who fell under the non-white category, yet was interested in being part of TCDSA; not an exclusive Afro-Socialist gathering, though a Black woman was facilitating that evening's meeting.

When the time for introductions came, I obliged my small story; acknowleding a slew of negative experiences in Minneapolis. The consequence of which being that more than enough people felt enabled to speak poorly of me in the city. As well, I informed the group that I would later send links to certain publications which would avail them of my detractors and their arguments.

# The Planning Group

Nearing the meeting's close, it was decided that the group would meet every two weeks; same bat-time, same bat-channel.

As well, folks interested in being part of the planning meeting were also asked to make known as much; and I threw my name in the hat.

At the time I was not a dues paying member; though I had looked into the process and felt that should the need arise, I could happily fulfill the obligation.

It was noted, and confirmed later, that I asked to be on the planning committee.

# Two Weeks Later

As the two week milemarker approached, it became apparent that no meeting was going to take place.

Apparently, there was a cross-branch strategy meeting happening for "chapter leadership" instead, and an update was promised ASAP.

I offered to host an informal gathering of folks, and shared a link by which to do so; but alas, no one showed up. Boo-hoo

Shortly after this I had finally prepared for review; and it included the links I previously said I would share.

Namely the links to my dismissal from Prime Digital Academy, as well as Ricardo Levins Morales blog post naming me a Known Community Troll.

# Crickets

The Facebook group chat returned to silence, save for a single post highlighting actions taken against Line 3.

By this time I knew something had to be up.

There had been no outreach by, nor formal congregation of, the planning committee.

A when I had broached the discussion of my status within the community originally, some had offered to discuss the topics outside of the Zoom call.

Even these individuals had gone radio silent.

It has been three weeks since the Zoom call; and today I received an email saying that I had been summoned to appear before a grievance committee for undisclosed infractions.

# A return to the road less traveled

To be forthright, I'm not sure what I could have done within this time frame of being requested to join their club, and this email, to warrant such a summons.

Upon questioning the summons in the Facebook chat I was told, several members had expressed concern over my participation, and the group has been instructed not to interact with me.

Which seemed obvious nearly one-week ago.

Though this was to be a progressive space, wherein which I had hoped that by disclosing my community status upfront, a more robust conversation could have taken place.

Curiously enough, this has not been the case, rather the pursuit of formal colonial procedures was attempted to be implemented.

Whereupon I stated my desire to diverge from the group and return to walking my own path.

Previously in the Facebook chat I expressed my concern that conversations were being back-channeled, though failed to explicitly state that a whisper network was being employed. Nonetheless, this all seems rather obvious now.

And telling of their leaderships' own insecurity.

In Part Two we will discuss Ricardo Levins Morales' claims of being trolled, and lay out the facts he continues to deny exist.