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Building a New Social Media Plan

Facts is, social media can induce excessive anxiety.

And your truly is no different from so many others in this regard.

My first step was to take the Twitter (opens new window) app off of my phone ~ this has helped IMMENSELY!

Granted that app is a one-stop shop for the latest in anthing and everything happening; so much of what's going on isn't all that happy right now.

While yes, there are gems to be found; and I could tailor my block/mute list to more proactively guard me; it's easier to just drop the temptation altogether.

# Developing a new plan

So I'm thinkin' of ways that I can still leverage the incredible follow list that I've created. The amount of critical critique continually generates growth that supports both my well-being and my evolution!

I don't want to lose this!

While, to be honest, the harvest of content for other platforms is incredibly valuable as well. I've started sharing screen-caps of tweets onto my LinkedIn account, and truly think the content will continue to grow in value!

The latest version of FireFox enables incredibly quick generation of Tweet specific screen-captures! Ctrl + Shift + S

Example of FireFox's screencap ability.

So the idea is to run through Twitter at designated times throughout the day, grab a few screen-caps and then call my time spent there productive!

Close the tab, and that's that!

# Reddit Reddit bo ... beddit?

Reddit (opens new window), call it the other Danger Zone.

Thankfully, I feel as though I've avoided most of it by side-stepping some of the more controversial subreddits.

Rather, I've mainly focused on the coding, minimal-living and motorcyle subreddits.

While I recently learned that, quite naturally, there is a Python library for scraping Reddit!


So what's the plan, you ask ?

Let's be honest folks, I'm mainly using social media to drive traffic these days.

And I want folks to purchase and use my books, listen to my music, or watch my videos.

So, I'll be scraping subreddits for classy material.

What's super great is that Reddit has made it so any graphic captured already has a watermark of the creator auto-generated for attribution!

I'm not trying to steal, just re-share on Pinterest, or Instagram!

So, scrape the requisite subreddits to find the most well-performing posts.

Snag them up, and re-cast them onto other platforms; or learn of new content to generate blog posts of my own.

# So that's the idea

I just came up with it, and then wrote this post ...

I'll let y'all know how it turns out!

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