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Chicago Music Videos

Spending time in and around Chicago was such a blessing!

For the first time I experienced true forgivenees; as it is impossible for us humans not to fall into the trap of judging each other occasionally.

I had access to music equipment at my convenience; and space to be who I thought I could be.

What follow are a few audio/video souveniers from those times ..

# It's alright

The individual with whom I was living bought a loop pedal with which that I was encouraged to play.

The lyrics go, It's all alright; alright to dream. It's all alright; alright to breathe. It's all our right, our right to dream. It's all our right, our right to breathe.

Just a little reminder to myself, if you will.

# Been Told

There was also an electronic drum kit purchased for the house, soon after my arrival.

It was always a big deal, in Minneapolis a guy named Reed Grimm played the drums AND was the lead singer of a group called Shoeless Revolution.

So I wanted to give the style a try.

Mind you, I'd never played drums before, save a hand drum that was gifted to me many years ago, but that's a longer story.

I don't know, but I've been told that You don't have to smile to be worth the while. I don't know but I've been told that You don't have to smile to be beautiful I don't know but we were told that We were beautiful even when you let it go I don't know but, I don't know but ...

# River Fishin'

We got into the groove.

The individual whose house I was staying at is a phenomenal musician, and we often found ourselves jamming out.

He's another little attempt by me to play the drums and sing at the same time 😃

I'm going on down the river I'm going for a swim Cause there's not a cloud on in the sky And we can take our time Cause we tore down the empire, It only took a couple years ...

# Winding Like a River

But that loop pedal was super fun, for all of us to play with.

And having the chance to freely express myself through my singing, without inhibition or fear of being ridiculed for what came out was totally new for me.

# Keep Dancing

Speaking of being humiliated for what came out of my mouth ...

One night we were checking out a vocal booth that was being installed, and a guitar riff was played; to which the following lyrics were given to me.

Later, I decided to record the words a'capella; and attach them to a story confronting a specific experience of humiliation.

# Thank you Broken Compass

The friends whomst provided the space are collectively known as Broken Compass.

And it has been a great pleasure and joy to learn and grow with them throughout the years.

Thanks y'all!

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