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Introducing 5Qi

The original idea emanated from a pitch I sent to Outco hoping to help them promote their incredible Software Engineer Accelerator program!

Though due to current circumstances, most everyone is having to scale back their expenditures. And they are no exception; while this project was one of the items left on the cutting room floor.

Though with the right mindset, can I turn this obstacle into a blessing?

I think so.

Why not continue building the idea?! Could I find other sponsors?

# How to make money online ~

This has always been the dream! Right?

When I originally pitched the idea, I suggested myself as the lead worker able to pull it off!

To my mind, it was an idea that has value; the first requiment when creating an product. Even then, once I had the idea it needed to be one that I could execute with consistency. Which has been the bane of most of my ideas. Though much of this I chalk up to not having the resources to focus properly, nonetheless I digress.

If I ever want to make this whole digital nomad, location-independent lifestyle work; I needed to fix that first.

I love talking to people and learning from them ~ so a podcast seems like an excellent opportunity. Though I needed to figure out a direction, niche, or some other method of cohesion.

There are more than enough people creating content just to hear the sound of their own voice; and while I can’t dismiss the sentiment, I want to know that I’m providing value!

Outco was an incredible program for me; it was my first time being in an educative setting, consistently interacting with diverse individuals, and learning from a cultural myriad of instructors.

Whenever I have experiences such as that, I immediately want to help them expand and let others know that there is a safe place for us.

So I had an idea, and I shared it with them ~

# The 5Qi Podcast is born:

Five questions and an introduction.

Easy. Each week I ask a few folks the same five questions, document their responses — and huzzah, instant content.

For Outco, the idea was to interview recent alumni. The content would be a promotional tool for their program; as well as tasty displays of aptitude and sociability for recent alum.

Welp, why not transition those same questions to non-alumni?

Boom; that’s it exactly!

This is something I can do consistently, provided I have enough guests, and with zeal. While the time required to create each podcast is not so great as to be overwhelming.

Six episodes per month can be called a season - and that seems reasonable to me!

So what are the five question:

  • What was one of your favorite problems to solve?
  • How do you approach solving difficult problems?
  • How do you relax from the task of solving problems?
  • What are your primary skills & interests?
  • What are you hoping to learn over the next year?

A sixth question provides the introduction: who are you?

One of the ideas that was impressed upon us as Outco-ers was that, as developers and coders, we are problem solvers.

Though aren’t we all problem solvers, in manner of speaking?

To be human is to be forced to attempt to solve the problem(/anxiety) of our existence.

I want to learn how others solve their problems!

Not just technical obstacles, but life obstacles.

And for those of us navigating a white world, the answers others have in these regards could be, not just valuable, but invaluable!!

And so, the adventure begins ~

If you're intersted in being a guest, please, send me an email.

Thanks for readin'