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A Mother's Love

Few things are more powerful ~

It took a moment to reach this place ---

Though we here now.

# SF Latest

I got a response back from the founder of OpenStates.Org!!

There is hesitation anytime I share myself, there are both gardens and graveyards in my wake. Though I have learned to own them all regardless.

Appreciation was expressed, for my candor; and door left open to continue conversation ~ naturally yer boy had to walk through nearly immediately! We'll see what comes of it all

# Rebel Coding Gets Chopped

So I had an idea, why not cut the book in half?

Rebel Coding starts as an 8 step process to learning how to code through web development. I've tested the process out with a few folks, and I think I've got the makings of a solid product!

Though outreach and marketing has always been my struggle, though I've got a plan! First off, I cut the book in half and self the first half for $2 ~ check it out at

Next is the kicker ~

I ask for feedback through a community known as ProductHunt.

ProductHunt is a fairly large community of early-tech-adopters; they always wanna know what the latest app and tech thing is.

While a few weeks ago I replied to a post by one of the organizations formal employees who was offering one-hour insight sessions for folks wanting help before marketing or pitching their product!

In theory, that meeting will be happening tomorrow, poetically on April Fool's Day. I know exactly what I'm going to ask, and the tenor of my pitch:

I'm a brown man, orphan born, with the aspiration of helping others learn to code. I would like the community's feedback as to whether my approach is as good as it could be.

You are damn straight, I'm gonna play the race card!

I'm an under-estimated founder from any under-represented demographic, perhaps more than one.

Luckily the individual I've reached out to is a Black man, and so I feel that this conversation has the potential to be well-received.

Furthermore, after receiving their feedback, there are others on Product Hunt whom I've met through the years who I will reach out to for promotional support after the book is formally published.

Friends are still helping me improve what is written, while I have a bit more left to write!

# In conclusion

Good news is I'm sober again. I've been through this process a few times this past year, and I've been trying to stop smoking marijuana for the better part of the past 15 years.

Not so much of a vice as my poor man's vacation source.

Though I am finally feeling as though I'm living a life I don't want to escape. It is a blessing to have access to good food, safe shelter -- oh, and my English students have all moved to taking classes online.

Before I was just teaching 2 students online, though my remaining 3 students have since opted for online classes during this global togethering we are presently experiencing.

It is a massive blessing that gives me a security I was missing for a few weeks. This helps me to focus more completely on the work of finalizing Rebel Coding and preparing MnActivist code for contribution by others.

I am so super excited; and thankful.

So much of this would not be possible without the existential support of y'all. And yup, I may need to make a few adjustments to the description; as when I get 500 supporters --- then I'll be able to focus on this endeavor full-time, without interruption.

I think it's possible, in fact I know it is.

I hope y'all are able to find safety through this storm we are all weathering. If there is any way that I can ever be of service to you all, please do not ever hesitate to ask!

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